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[FOR 2021 DSE students]


2021 HKDSE Examination Timetable

July 28, 2018

Important Dates:

1 Apr 2019: Chinese Paper1,2

2 Apr 2019: Chinese Paper 3

3 Apr 2019: Liberal Studies

4 Apr 2019: English Paper 1,2

6 Apr 2019: English Paper 3

8 Apr 2019: Maths (Compulsory)

17 Apr 2019: BAFS

Download Full timetable here:

[FOR Students who are new to BAFS]

What is BAFS?

01 July, 2018

BAFS stands for Business, Accounting and Financial Studies.

For BAFS DSE examination, there are two papers.

Paper 1 examines students for the compulsory part. All students are examined for the same content as follows:

  1. Business Environment
    Understanding the HK and China economy and understanding the basic knowledge of running a business. No calculation is required.

  2. Introduction to Management
    Understanding basic operation theory and knowledge of a business. No calculation is required.

  3. Introduction to Accounting
    Learning the basic knowledge of accounting and prepare the basic financial accounts and statements. Calculation is required.

  4. Basics of Personal Financial Management 
    Learning the introductory  financial management and financial market knowledge. A little calculation is required.

Paper 2 is for the elective module. Teachers/Students will choose their preferred module to study:

1. Accounting Module:

  • Financial accounting​

  • Cost accounting
    This module majorly involve calculation and a more in-depth understanding of accounting system and operation. We specialize in teaching this module.

2. Management Module

  • Financial management

  • Human resources management
    This module studies theories most, majorly writing essay and involve little calculation of ratios.

BAFS is a new subject established in HKDSE curriculum. In the past, there were only Accounting and Business for HKCEE (香港中學會考) and HKALE (香港高級程度會考)) examination and, the content of teaching was slightly different with the current one now.

HKDSE BAFS has only 6-year history, which means students have only 6 past paper to learn from, which is definitely insufficient to master BAFS.
That's why we are here. We, BAFS STAR TUOTRS are here to help you to master this new subject, to guide you to the road of STARS. We believe that everyone has the potential to get STARS in HKDSE, it is just a matter of right education.

We publish our own sets of notes with comprehensive content of each topic. Moreover, we have a huge context of exercise for our students to work with, in order to let them be well-trained for the examination. 

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